What is Intellock?

Intellock is a Digital Rights Management solution targeted and customized for several segments of content owners specifically targeting the pain points they face in sales and distribution management.

A case for Intellectual Property Protection

Any content (whether it’s in analog or digital form) that is created is prone to duplication and redistribution and it’s fairly easy to do it. While analog media loses quality with each copy generation, and often even during normal use, digital media files may be copied an unlimited number of times without degradation in the quality of subsequent copies. Further, the abundance of digital devices such as laptops, mobile phone and/or tabs combined with the Internet and popular file sharing tools, have made unauthorized sharing of digital files (a/k/a digital piracy) common, possible and profitable.

Over the years, various techniques have evolved to manage access control of digital content. Also, once access to the content has been given, the need to protect the copying and unauthorized sharing of the content

Type of content supported

  • Videos
  • Audio
  • Images
  • PDF
  • EPUB
  • HTML
  • SCORM Package

Who is it for?

  • K-12 Content Developers/Distributors
  • Schools
  • Hotels with their SOPs
  • Corporates
  • Audio/Video Artists
  • Publishing House

Intellock Products

There are 3 separate products that fall under the Intellock brand. Each of these have a different market segment and purpose. Please review and see which of these suits your use case the best.

Intellock B2C

Optimized to cater directly to the learner.

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Intellock B2B

Best Suited for Schools, Universities etc.

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Intellock LMS

Created for corporates to take their existing LMS offline.

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