Intellock B2C

This solution caters to the content providers (Mainly Education Content Providers) that want to sell and manage the content distribution to the end consumers directly. There are 4 flavors of this solution.

1. Content locked to mobile device (Android or iOS)

2. BYOD Mobile– SD Card Based

3. Content locked to PC (Windows, Linux, OSX)

4. BYOD PC – Pen Drive Based

All these flavors’ workflow is fairly similar and can be understood from the description below.

User App

Upon receiving the SD card, the user is required to insert the SD card and launch the app on their device. This takes the user to Sign-in page (first-time users is required to click on Sign-up in order to register on the system.

The standard mobile app sections have been detailed below:


Existing/earlier registered users will be required to Sign-in using the combination of email/username and password set during registration. New users will be required to register on the app by providing requisite details in the user registration form. This would initiate a vetting process to authenticate the users by sending email on email ID provided during registration.


Details required for one time activation has been listed below-


Select your Class

Select Stream (Science/Arts/Commerce - if applicable)

Post this; the learner access is authenticated based on the hardware key of Android device the app. Once the device IMEI is captured and recorded on the server, the user lands on the app Home screen and has access to other sub-sections of the app.

Upon activation, the SD card is locked and work only on the Tablet/Phone on which the user has activated the account.

Upon activation, the user gets access to content for a period predefined in the license (Usually 365 days), and would receive a notification to renew subscription to access to the content beyond this period, and/or order a card for next Class/Standard.


The Homescreen of the app is the main landing screen, This screen is white-labeled and designed to ensure that the branding and flow facilitates ease of use to kid’s to surf through the app and access relevant content in just a few screens.

The Homescreen also serves as a gateway to all the sections and subsections of the app and highlights the various essential sections.


The students are able to view content videos on the app. The content is in the format discussed/shared (or can be discussed)

Example:- Subject -> Chapter -> Topic -> Video/Assessment

The system is able to support various content types including

  • Videos
  • Audio
  • Images
  • PDF
  • EPUB
  • HTML
  • SCORM Package

My Account

The app users are able to view the account details, and remaining number of days for content access for him/her.


The administrator displays notifications to the user via this section. The notification/messages also includes communication regarding any new product/promotion and renewal reminder or link for buying new content before expiry of the subscription term.

Reminders are configured to be sent ‘n’ days prior to expiry

Administrator Tools

Super Admin - This is the super user who has access to all the content through a restricted console, and is also able to manage the creation of the SD Cards via combination of:

Step 1: Content DRM Implementation Tool

Step 2: License Key Generator

Content DRM implementation tool

This is a desktop based Windows program for DRM Implementation and loading encrypted content on the SD cards. Content in any format and structure is supported and the folder structure is retained. Given below is the app-workflow for easy reference:

Administrator is able to convert the content for each class by using this Tool. Once the DRM protected content is copied on SD cards, administrator is able to generate a License key using the Android based License Key generator app for administrator.

Android based License Key Generator

The administrator or authorized user can create License key using License Key Generator as per the requirement. The administrator can then control/manage the Class, as well as duration of access for the user as per the process depicted below:

Once the License key is generated and requisite registration details added on the SD card, the card will be dispatched to the user.


Content DRM protection

SD Card will be mapped/locked to work only with the Device (IMEI) on which it is activated

Subscription – start and end date


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